Whether you're the supply cover manager, a head of department, the SENCo or the Headteacher, when you need to recruit staff for your school, you need a recruitment agency that will take the necessary time to get a good understanding of your school and what it needs so that they can match you to the right staff.

In your teaching recruitment agency, you'll no doubt be looking for an agency that has a good selection of candidates on their books from daily supply cover to long-term roles, specialist teachers to SEN support so that whatever it is that your school needs, they will have a potential candidate with the right level of experience and availability ready for you. But it's about more than just having staff available. Before you contact them with your staffing needs, you need to know that the recruitment consultant you'll be working with isn't going to just pick any available candidate they have. They need to keep in sight the fact that it's the pupils that are affected by this decision and so a selection needs to be carefully thought out. If you need SEN support for example, then you need to trust that the recruitment consultant is fully informed and trained on SEN topics so that they can make the best recruitment decision for your school's needs. But how can you tell which teaching recruitment agency offers all that and how do you go about finding out?

A school day is busy enough without having to search around for a good teaching recruitment agency to help you find the new staff you need. Yet just as it's important to make a good match between your school and the new staff member, so too is it important to make the right decision on which agency to help you with this. With teaching recruitment agencies listed on Rated Recruitment, they're all in one place for you. Whilst it's not always easy to believe the agency's sales pitch it is much easier to trust opinions from others in the teaching industry that have worked with that particular teaching recruitment agency. Rated Recruitment is unique in that it has a ratings and reviews system, allowing schools and teachers to share honest opinions on the recruitment agencies. So you can now find and compare your local recruitment agencies - if there is an agency near you with an outstanding team of consultants you'll read about it here!