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Thermal FE Technician (Contract)

Portsmouth, Hampshire, P03 5PU, United Kingdom
£33.00 (per Hour) - £33.00 (per Hour)
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Job Profile

  • Perform structural & thermal analysis of payload components and equipment
  • Analyse for performance against random vibration, thermoelastic and thermal environments to validate designs or propose new variants
  • Work to established procedures & processes
  • Report findings in meetings and by written reports
  • Provide a detailed definition of all structural testing required to verify that the strength and stiffness requirements are met
  • Monitor these tests and write a test assessment report that demonstrates that requirements have been met and that the pre-test analysis was of sufficient accuracy
  • Provide support for in topology optimisation for the development metallic Additive Manufacturing products
  • Static structural analysis
  • Ability to analyse and validate Composites / Hybrids structures at component level for static strength, F&DT and produce relevant strength margins or reserve factors according to validated and applicable client's methods & sizing processes
  • Ability to provide stress analyses for the repair/acceptance of composites/hybrids damaged structures
  • Ensure airworthiness requirements for Composites/Hybrids structures

Qualifications and/or Skills


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • experience in NASTRAN


  • Trained/experience in FEMAP, TMG (Advance thermal, Flow)
  • Trained/experience in optimisation for metallic AM, Non-linear analysis

Previous Experience


  • Proficient in Finite Element Meshing and Analysis. Analysis of dynamic and thermoelastic problems
  • Thermal analysis experience


  • Work in aerospace or other high technology industries
  • Knowledge of AM Design.
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