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About Rated Recruitment

Let’s face it, there’s a sea of recruitment agencies out there and this not only makes it difficult for candidates to find the right one for them, it also makes it difficult for good recruitment agencies to stand out and be found. At Rated Recruitment, we wanted to help both, because ultimately a good working relationship enable candidates to find jobs and agencies to continue to place more candidates in jobs.

So, we set up this unbiased site to even the playing field. On our site, good customer service speaks for itself regardless of the size of the agency or marketing budget. We use a simple, effective concept; if a recruitment agency has offered a candidate outstanding service, that candidate can review the agency on our site and share their experience so that other potential candidates can make a more informed decision on whether that agency could also help them.

Rated Recruitment was created with a few principle objectives in mind:

  • To provide a space for recruitment agencies of all sizes to show candidates who they are and what they do
  • To allow candidates to share their experiences of working with a recruitment agency via ratings & reviews
  • To enable recruitment agencies to have their hard work recognised through the reviews they earn
  • To help job-seeking candidates make a more informed decision on which recruitment agency would be best for them

How Can Rated Recruitment Help Candidates?

We know that as a job-seeker you want to be able to find a good recruitment agency, easily and quickly so you can just get on with getting employed. A simple ask but until now a difficult task!

Through the reviews they receive from other candidates, good recruitment agencies stand out on our site so you can find them easier and see what it’s really like to work with them. This makes choosing your recruitment agency much simpler and takes the guesswork out of it!

How Can Rated Recruitment Help Agencies?

We understand that not all agencies have a huge marketing budget and so can’t necessarily afford to have a flashy, expensive website. With your agency profile, you have the opportunity to show candidates who you are and what you do. It’s your space to shout about your achievements and show candidates why they should let you help them.

With the reviews you’ll earn on your customer service, your hard work will be rewarded because candidates will be shouting about how you help them. Studies show that review sites increase client trust so other candidates are more likely to use Rated Recruitment as their first stop when choosing which recruitment agency to use.