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Yes! All reviews are written by registered candidates just like you who want to share their experience of working with a recruitment agency. You can only submit one review per agency to combat spam attacks

Our system uses the overall score to calculate your agency's rating out of five stars. This is a much fairer way of establishing an accurate ranking because one negative rating out of many positive ones, won't drop your agency's star rating.

Your review should represent your experience of working with the agency in question and should be written to promote their good aspects and highlight areas for improvement. Other candidates that use the website will use your review to help them compare agencies and choose which one they should use.

Yes, you can edit your review at any time to fairly reflect the experience you have with the agency. We encourage honest sharing to help other candidates, so if you feel your experience has changed since you wrote the review, you can update it.

Reviews are posted using the username you created (or anonymously if you didn’t create one). Your name is not shown in your review and your name & contact information will only be shared with an agency when you apply for a job they have posted.

Rated Recruitment reserve the right to edit / remove any reviews deemed to be offensive, libellous or provide no benefit to other users of the website.

We try to automate posting of reviews wherever possible. The most likely reason for a review not appearing immediately is that our content filtering system picked something up in it so it has been sent to the site admin for approval / modification.

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