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Let your Hard Work be Rewarded with Reviews & Ratings

So how does it work? The Rated Recruitment system offers candidates the chance to rate the recruitment agencies they work/have worked with. The system uses a five-star scoring method covering key areas such as: range of opportunities, salary offered and help with preparation and support throughout the recruitment process. These are important areas that candidates look for in a good recruitment agency and by being reviewed in them you’ll be able to show you have what they need. It also gives you the opportunity to see what areas you are strongest in and which you could improve on. It’s a fierce market out there and these insights will help you keep up with the best!

Once the candidate has scored each area out of five, this rating is added to the others your agency has received. The system then uses the overall score to calculate your agency's rating out of five stars. This is a much fairer way of establishing an accurate ranking because it means that one negative rating out of many positive ones, won't drop your agency's star rating because it's calculated on your overall score. It also means that any agency with a poor rating history can increase its ranking quicker, than if using a traditional star rating system.

As well as using the rating system, candidates can also leave a review of your agency. All reviews are listed on your agency profile to give other candidates an insight into what it's like working with you. So, if you go above and beyond for your candidates they can shout about it here; from excellent customer service to help and support in preparing for an interview, it will all be mentioned! Word of mouth in a trusted candidate community is powerful promotion and will help your agency get noticed, and deservedly so.

Respond to Reviews: Our Resolution Centre

As an agency, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to each of your reviews, showing you’re listening and addressing any concerns candidates may have or thanking them for praise!  It's a chance to use the ratings to show you’re proactive and show candidates you’re always improving your customer service and working procedures.

We know not all the reviews people leave on sites are glowing, so our system has a built-in safeguard. If you receive a rating lower than three stars, we hold off publishing it for 72 hours to give you time to respond. Your response will go to the candidate, giving them the opportunity to amend their review if they feel their concerns have been addressed. In many of these instances, after they receive your response, candidates reconsider their reviews, showing that responding helps to build good working relationships. After the 72 hours has lapsed, if you’ve been unable to respond, our resolution centre will automatically send you an email notifying you that the time has lapsed and offering you the chance to contact us if you would still like to try to come to a resolution. We will help get to the reasoning behind the rating and if any negative reviews are found to be unfair, we’ll state on them that they have been investigated and are unfounded and they will be displayed in a hidden (click to reveal), section of your profile.

Shout about your Highly-rated Service with our Badges

To complement our ratings & reviews system, we also have our unique Rated Recruitment badge of honour that you can place on your company website. The badges come in two styles; one in dark grey and one in white, so you can choose which best fits the design of your website. These badges let candidates see how well you’re performing for customer service, by showing them your ratings & reviews score earned on Rated Recruitment. The badges reflect your current ratings, but don’t worry if your score dips below 4 stars, your badge will then simply display “Please rate us at Rated Recruitment”. This means your badge will only ever display your high score and will encourage candidates to review you, so you can keep it!

Adding the badges can also help with your website's Google rank. Various reputable SEO advisors including Backlinko.com point out the importance of outbound links (links from your site to another site) in terms of both validity and category of your site. Outbound links to authority sites helps send trust signals to Google.

No Need to worry about Spam Ratings & Reviews

We’ve put in place several safeguards to protect against fake/spam reviews. Our spam tracking system Sherlock, analyses logins to the site and highlights suspected users. It then automatically sends reviews from these suspected users to us to investigate. We then either permanently remove the review or allow it through the system if we are happy it is genuine. Rest assured that Sherlock is always learning and getting smarter each day.