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This is your space to show what your company is all about. Let your candidates see who you are, what you do and what you’ve achieved - show them why they should let you help them.


All your ratings & reviews will be shown on your profile page. This enables candidates to learn more about you as an agency and see what other candidates think of the service you offer; all in one place, your agency’s own space.


So, you’ve created your agency profile masterpiece with all the information on there to shout about your agency and get you noticed. Why not share it? Tweet it out there! Let all your followers see your jobs and just how well you’re scoring in our ratings & reviews. Alternatively, our site enables you to email your page to as many potential clients as you want. Or do both and really get yourself out there!


Here you can list some of the clients you’ve recruited for. This not only shows the experience you have but also helps build candidate confidence that you’ll be able to help them find a job in a reputable company.


Your profile page will have its own blog space where you can post about your agency and the work you’re doing. It’s ideal to share the latest company news with candidates and to shout about recent achievements you’re proud of. It’s your company news feed and candidates can filter through the posts to discover more about you.


If you have a video (maybe it’s a company video or a video from an event your agency has attended), you can add your YouTube link to your profile. Videos are a great way to show the personal side of your agency; they let candidates see the people that work so hard for them.


If your agency hosts events for candidates (talks from industry people/employers, general career advice etc) then advertise them on your profile page and increase awareness and attendance. Candidates will want to know about any events that might be beneficial to their job search and they’ll appreciate that you offer them.


If your agency has been recognised with an accreditation, won an award or has any partnerships you’re proud of, why not add them to your profile page? It’s competitive out there and your profile page is your space to put anything that can give you the edge and help you stand out!


If you’ve got any resources that might be beneficial to candidates why not let them download them from your profile page? It could be general career advice, tips for interviews or job profiles for example. Let candidates see that you really are there to help them in any way you can.


Like videos, photos are a great way to let candidates see behind the scenes, it gives them a more rounded view of your agency. Perhaps you’ve raised some money for charity or been to an awards event - this is your chance to show what you get up to when you’re not on the phones!