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Any job in security comes with a certain element of risk whether you’re protecting property, data or people. Part of that risk is facing the unknown and sometimes it feels that way when it comes to finding the right recruitment agency as you move from contract to contract. Not any more...

Security candidates can rate & review the recruitment agencies on Rated Recruitment on key points ranging from the opportunities they offer through to the support they provide. A better informed choice is a less risky one and you’ll be able to use these reviews to compare agencies along with searching, applying and signing up for emails when matching jobs become available, all with just a few clicks. It's free to register... so come find a recruitment agency that will protect your interests!


Here’s the current top ten highest scoring security recruitment agencies on our site. If one stands out for you, check out their profile to learn more about them.

Finally, your career can really take off!

Find a good recruitment agency that will help your career prosper

Let’s face it, whether you’re still studying, looking for a career change or wanting to progress higher, it can be a struggle to find the time to look around at all the local recruitment agencies to find the right one to help you take control of your career. Rated Recruitment brings them all together in one place where you can learn more about them and compare them based on ratings and reviews from other candidates. It’s free to register and when a job lands in your inbox that takes your fancy, take advantage of searching for that recruitment agency to see how other candidates rate it. If you're impressed with them; you can apply for the job in just a few clicks!

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Keep checking here for the latest exciting opportunities that security recruitment agencies want to shout about. They’re constantly updated so make sure you keep watch!

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