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With over 121 combined years' experience in the recruitment industry, we're experts at using innovative solutions to identify top talent, thereby saving our customers thousands of pounds per hire.

With skilled Account Managers and a UK wide network of specialist job boards CVWOW is a leader in changing the way companies recruit top talent minus huge agency fees.

In just 4 years we have become a leading recruitment provider. Bold claims after such a short period of time but we’ve won a few awards to back that statement up including, most recently, the Onrec award for'Best Corporate use of Online Recruitment'

Happily Tilly is no longer alone and is a key component in a dynamic team including our recently appointed Managing Director, Leilani, who brings a wealth of experience in the recruitment sector to the team. 

Add to this a marketing function, skilled Sales Account Managers and Account Executives and it is clear the future at CVWOW is a bright one... 

We’ve worked with some big companies and delivered. Take Tesco Maintenance for example. They were using too many contractors and not getting enough full time staff. We stepped in and within a year saved them £1.6 million on their annual recruitment costs. No wonder they have recently renewed their annual contract with us.

Our first ever client BAYV still works with us. Over that period we’ve saved them hundreds of thousands of pounds off their budget, reduced their attrition rates and improved profit per employee by 25%.

It is clear that CVWOW are going places. Our new website launched in 2014 giving us the ideal platform to promote our services and further engage with existing and potential clients.




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Onrec Award Winner 2011

Best Newcomer

JobsDetective Award Winner 2011

Best Website

The News Business Award Finalist 2012

Best Newcomer

Onrec Award Finalist 2012

Best Use of Online Recruitment

Onrec Award Winner 2013

Best Use of Online Recruitment

Onrec Award Winner 2014

Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment 2014

Onrec Award Winner 2016

Best Online Candidate Experience

Onrec Award Winner 2017

Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment


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