This is a question many people are asking themselves and with your help, we'd like to help them answer it.

We all know that every job gives us good and bad days but when the good far outweigh the bad you know you've found a job you love. If you work in aviation; whether you're a pilot, aircraft engineer or airline cabin crew member and feel this way, we'd like to hear from you.

We'd like to share what your job is like with others who may be considering it or those who feel they need a career change. A sort of 'day in the life' piece as a guest blog post:

The philosophy behind our site whether it's the forum, recruitment agency ratings or resources, is that by sharing our experiences from giving advice to leaving a review, we can help others make more informed decisions. So if you'd like to share and help others decide if they would enjoy a job in the aviation industry please get in touch: