With it's noisy classrooms, giggling children, hilarious stories of children's antics shared in the staffroom -the world of teaching has its lures and if you are a teacher that took time out to start a family, it might not be long before you're looking to get back into that world. But juggling your new home life with your job may mean that you've decided a part-time role would work better for you. Finding a school and a role in which you're supported in your choice, is essential in ensuring your happiness and success in your move to part-time teaching. You'll no doubt be looking for a school that will help keep you included in what is going on and support you in becoming part of the team. They may work it so that two part-time teachers cover a class, so that you know what classes you need to plan and mark for, making it easy for you to focus on the teaching you do and enjoy. But where can you get access to part-time jobs in those supportive schools?

As a parent you probably don't have time to be looking around at different recruitment agency sites wondering which would be the best one for you. So at Rated Recruitment we have put them all in one place for you so you can easily find those local to you. Furthermore we've made it easier for you to choose between them because not only will you find a list of agencies near you but you'll see a rating and review by each one. The rating is based on all the ratings other teachers who have worked with that agency have left for them. You can also read the reviews about them to see specific positives that people have highlighted about them.

There's a close teaching community in our forum too. Here you can swap stories and ask advice from other parents working in teaching, because let's face it, returning back to work can be a bit daunting and it's sometimes nice to hear from others who are or have been in the same position as you. And if you feel you need to brush up on your knowledge before you start back, head over to our resources section which has handy information like where you can find up to date guidelines or places that offer free online and classroom training courses. We want to help make your return back to work as smooth and worry-free as possible and by sharing, through reviews, advice or resources, the teaching community on our site can help that journey back seem less isolated.