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Senior Design Engineer (Contract)

Derby, United Kingdom
£395.43 (per Day) - £395.43 (per Day)
0 People

Role: Senior Design Engineer
To be the CRE & CEM in the Derby team and leading a small team. Signalling design development design - CRE + Competent CEM for the design produced in the team.
1. Experience at the senior Design level.
2. IRSE license / Engineering license.
3. Chartered status.
Ability to travel to York for meetings - it is a satellite office and for someone to manage on going issues within the office.
* An engineering degree or equivalent industry-recognised training qualification.
* IRSE Principles Designer licence or equivalent relevant to the discipline.
* A demonstrable aptitude for option development.
* Strong evaluation and decision-making skills.
* A working knowledge of rail engineering relevant successful experience working in the principal discipline and an adequate understanding of all other related disciplines.
* An ability to work and communicate effectively in a team context.
* An appreciation of all the life cycle stages of rail infrastructure.
* CDM, Auditing and risk assessment competencies.
* Six Sigma Yellow Belt
* Membership of a relevant engineering professional institution.
* Experience in design, installation and maintenance.
* Formal qualifications in risk identification and assessment.
* Yellow book course.

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